About Jazz Cafés

About Jazz Cafés
You may easily imagine that “JAZZ” has its roots in American music culture.
What may be beyond your imagination is that jazz cafés were born in Japan as place to enjoy jazz music in your daily life.

What Jazz Olympus! Is Named After
Jazz Olympus! has a collection about 3000 analog records mostly focusing on standard numbers from 1950s through 1960s.
Groovy JBL speakers named OLYMPUS,also from 1960s,bring fabulous sound of jazz music to the room.
Jazz Olympus! is named after the groovy speaker.

Jazz Listening Time
You can enjoy jazz music to the fullest of your satisfaction during Jazz Listening Time(14:00~16:00),Ber Time(19:00~23:00and on saturday).
You may feel enchanted in a “sound” Jazz environment where the shower of unparalleled Jazz sound is poured.